Despite their limited financial resources, to remain competitive SMEs must react quickly to the changes and needs of their customers.

To remain competitive, SMEs seek to do more with less, while gaining agility and productivity. Information technology offers this edge.

A transformation adapted to your needs

We know how your technological realities don’t always meet your business realities. 

And that’s why in addition to having an IT infrastructure, we help you work and collaborate smarter by increasing the mobility of your employees and reducing the risk of errors and breakdowns. With tailor-made solutions, we make your infrastructures agile and scalable. By installing easy collaboration processes, we help you take your communications to the next level. The protection and control of your data is always a priority for us.

Whether you need a dedicated IT team or an Ti Systems expert in your business, with our infrastructure management services, you will gain productivity, be able to control your costs and, above all, be able to focus on what is really important: your SME.

My team mastered the objectives, but not the means put in place to achieve them. Ti Systems has supported us both strategically and practically in our digital transformation.

Ti Experts Answer Your Questions

There are many technological solutions and countless possible combinations to fit various needs.


The first step to picking the right solution for you should be to find a reputable, reliable partner with the expertise needed to answer your questions, inform you on each option, and guide you through your digital transformation.


The information you need will emerge after a thorough analysis of your current technological environment and your infrastructure. How did you organize your desktops? What collaborative tools are you using? How do you secure your data?


Answering these questions will help determine your needs in IT and figure out how to allocate the right resources to meet them. With the help of IT experts, you can then map out the most urgent challenges you face during your digital transformation and come up with a solid plan to address them while keeping in mind your business objectives.


Becoming more efficient is one of the quickest ways to grow your business. But how can you achieve that? With the help of experts!


A dependable partner will help you turn your vision of growth into a reality, focus your efforts on value-added activities, and translate your needs into accessible IT solutions.


Whether by migrating to the cloud and opting for managed services as per your CIO’s recommendations, or by outsourcing redundant tasks to external resources, Ti Systems experts will assist you in developing the appropriate strategy and let you focus on the actual purpose of your organization.

Not only is it possible to merge work flexibility with systems security, but it is simpler than ever.


With the right tools, you can facilitate collaboration and communication between your teams, thus making them more productive. And because these tools are compatible and integrated with modern devices, they can be unified and interconnected.


This frees your IT admins from their routine tasks and makes it easier for them to manage and secure the tools and devices used by your teams.


In the end, your organization becomes more flexible, people can focus on value-added tasks, and you know they work in a safe environment.



Ti Systems